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Image of the Connector/PMS setup wizard.

The connector is used for any task where some elements of the system must be run locally on-premise. It acts as a local agent/proxy for the cloud services.

Examples of services using the connector are:

  • FIAS / Opera PMS
  • NMS
  • Radius for 802.1x

Minimum Requirements

It is typically installed on any standard x86 hardware as a software package on CentOS 7. The recommended route is to use a CentOS 7 Minimal installation and add the package.

Cloud-Hosted Connector

It is technically possible to run the connector in a public cloud (e.g. AWS) and tunnel traffic to the local site, but some elements may be adversely affected, such as increased latency for RADIUS and NMS. It may also breach license agreements for some PMS software.

For AWS use, a t2.micro instance is typically more than sufficient to perform the necessary tasks for one site.

OS Configuration

Notes about suitable configurations of the underlying OS.

Firewall (if required)

Typically, a firewall is not required on the connector itself, since it is already shielded from the Internet by the gateway, and it should sit in a secured network (no direct guest access) given that it is likely to have access to the PMS.

However, if firewall configuration is required, the CentOS 7 standard of firewalld should be used. The installer for the Connector software will open port 443 using firewalld if it is installed.

The simplest command-set for adding firewall rules is, for example:

~# firewall-cmd --permanent --zone=public --add-port=22/tcp
~# firewall-cmd --reload

For further reading see the original documentation or this short guide.

Future Topics


  • Licensing
  • Plugin regsitration
  • PMS configuration
    • FIAS
    • PROTEL
    • ONQ
  • Field policies