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It is possible to create a virtualized AP which can be used for portal and authentication testing. The virtual AP can be associated with a custom generated URL link that can be sent out for testing purposes. The following article will demonstrate how to set up a virtual AP.

Virtual AP setup config.
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Data table containing all devices connected to a Network.
Dialog box for the virtual AP link creation.


  • Navigate to the 'NETWORK' tab in the left menu bar.
  • Click 'ADD DEVICE'.
  • Give your device a name and create a random 12 digit MAC address.
  • When selecting a vendor make sure to select (test AP).
  • Select the appropriate site tag (Tag that the target portal is associated with)
  • Leave the 'Controller' drop down empty.

When the above steps are complete, there will be a new entry in the network table. This is the Virtual AP.

Creating a Public Link

Creating a public link is a great way to share portal designs and authentication methods in a live testing environment to those that are not able to log in to the actual network.

  • To create a public link simply click on the Test AP in the Network table and navigate to the 'CREATE PUBLIC LINK' button at the bottom right.
  • Click the button and a public link dialog will appear
  • Add an end to the URL link
  • Hit 'SAVE'
  • Wait a few seconds whilst the AP initialises
  • The link will be ready to share