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Terms and Conditions Initial Setup
Terms and conditions editor

For most network setups it will be appropriate to ask users to accept the terms of use and/or privacy policy for internet and WiFi usage in your venue. Due to GDPR regulations that were put in place in May 2018, a user must give explicit consent to anything that could involve their personal data. That is why we have redesigned the way Terms & Conditions works within the Platform to make sure that no matter the portal, the terms and conditions will always display in a matter that adheres to GDPR guidelines.

Terms of Use Setup

A network’s T&Cs can be associated with a singular portal or distributed across an entire estate. Setup is relatively straight forward and can be done in a few short minutes. To setup a sites terms and conditions, follow the following steps: Login to your dashboard > Select ‘SETTINGS’ in the top right of the screen > Select ‘TERMS OF USE’ > Click ‘ADD TERMS OF USE’. Once you have completed the steps above, a modal will open in which you name your Terms and associate it with a site or estate using the tagging system. After completing these steps, a content box allowing you to enter your terms will be presented to the user. Once the user is satisfied with the content, and chosen the length of time guest data will be retained, simply click SAVE and then PUBLISH. Once PUBLISH is clicked the terms are locked in and cannot be changed again unless the user tags an updated version to the same portal.

User Journey

The terms of use are presented to the guest upon selecting their authentication method. Are will be presented with the terms of use modal which will be separate to the portal page. From here the guest can read through the terms of use and click ‘ACCEPT’ or ‘DECLINE’. If a guest selects ‘DECLINE’ they will be take back to the WiFi portal page and not authenticated. If they select ‘ACCEPT’, they will be authenticated onto the WiFi network and will not be presented the T&Cs again unless they are updated or changed.