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An example of tags within the system and tag hierarchy.

The glue that pull the system together. The same tag must be shared by a network, a Portal a Site and a Service Tier to get a basic working system. The same tag can be applied to multiple elements to manage scale efficiently. ​


  • Site
  • Region
  • Location
  • Brand

When a client connects to a specific network device (Access point / Gateway) the client will inherit these tags for his specific session.

The client will see the portal & marketing that share these tags, and will be able to use previous accounts that share the same tags.

We don’t load all tags or you would have 100’s when all sites are there.

Adding a tag

That does means when you add a tag and don’t link it to a network on the gateway you lose visibility of it when switching sites.

To fix a missing location:

  • go to all sites (there you see all tags)
  • Link the location to the gateway

From then onwards the location will always be visible when you’re working on that site.

The procedure should be - add you tag - add it to the gateway

Or even better, add the location tag on the gateway, then it’s all in one step