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List of options available for service tiers.

This is where we define the type of experience a user will receive upon login. These service tiers control the speed, timeouts, Quality of service. Some of the features are limited to specific vendors which support the attributes. Service tiers must be applied to each login method which is added to a portal.

Service Tier Setup

Default Tiers

Upon creation of a site, a default service tier will be assigned. This service tier will be appended to all login options that are available to the user until it is manually changed by an admin user. Default service tiers will allow users to use the internet but will have incredibly basic settings and low bandwidth allocation. To ensure guests get the best experience it is recommended to immediately create new service tiers and make use of as many attributes as possible.

Creating a new Tier

To create a new tier, first, log in to the domain. Select Service Tiers from the navigation menu on the left-hand side. If you are editing a brand new site you will be presented with a table that includes three default Service Tiers. If this is an older site this table will include previously setup service tiers. From here you can either create a brand new service tier or edit one of the defaults by clicking on the name in the table.

Once you have created a new tier or started editing an existing one, you will be presented with the Service Tier options page. Here you can rename your service tier and set a price and currancy if you wish to monetise guest access.

By clicking on the +more button and browsing the drop-down menu underneath Attributes you can start building out your Service Tiers using the options that are outlined in section 2.

Global Service Tiers

Multiple Sites can share the same service tiers across your entire estate. This is called a Global Service Tier. With this option, you can ensure all sites in your portfolio share consistent user experience. You can, however, overwrite a global option by creating a duplicate in the site service tiers. This is useful for certain venues who may not have great internet speeds or if they require a slightly different solution.

Applying to an Authentication Option

Each authentication method on a portal page must have a Service Tier appended too it in order for a guest to log in. Each method may have an individual service tier or can share service tiers with another login method. To attach a service tier to a log in option, simply click on the login option in the portal editor, navigate to the Service Tier section, and select the service tier from the drop-down list. Be sure to check out the Portal Design page for more information.

Options & Definitions

Session Timeout

The time it takes for a device to be disconnected from a WiFi network

Idle Timeout

The length of time it takes a device that is not being used to be disconnected from the WiFi

Expire after first login

Set an amount of time at which point the device will be logged out and must register again.

Expire after creation

Set an amount of time which will elapse from when the Account or Voucher was created.

Start date

The start date from when the service tier will be available

End date

The date when the service tier will terminate

Expire on departure

When linked to a hotel PMS this will expire an account at 2359 on the date of departure

Volume up

Cellular style data volume caps – download 1GB of data then have to buy more

Volume down

Cellular style data volume caps – download 1GB of data then have to buy more

Bandwidth up

The maximum upload speed available to a device

Bandwidth down

The maximum upload speed available to a device

Simultaneous use

The maximum number of unique devices that can have concurrent active sessions on this service tier.

Device limit

The number of unique devices that can be used to connect to this Voucher/ Account / Service Tier. It can be redeemed x times.

Accounting Interim

The frequency that Radius statistics are sent, count of data transferred, typically hourly.


Allocate users to specified VLAN to help manage traffic and QoS

Redirect URL

Set a unique post-authentication URL for every device that connects using this Service Tier


A free package could be created that lasts for 1 hour and is available only once per 24 hours per device. After they have used the free hour they have to select a different available service tier.

Personal Area Network

This provides an additional option for visitors, the ability to create their own private SSID that’s WPA2 encrypted. Populate 2 additional boxes with SSID name and password and the network will be created at the users location.

802.1x Hotspot 2.0

A user can be taken through and authentication routine and is then asked to install a security certificate on their device. The device is then disconnected from the public SSID and automatically connects to a 802.1x secure SSID.


The price a particular package costs. Must be used in conjunction with a paid package (PayPal/Credit Card payment).


The currency any pricing will be displayed in.