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Due to GDPR laws brought in as of May 2018, customers given explicit choice to opt-in to email marketing campaigns. The Airangel platform has the functionality to tie an opt-in box to all login types and send a monthly report to admin users to determine which system users have given permission to contact them for marketing reasons.

Opt-In on the Portal (Mailing_list)

Portal page with an opt-in tick box displayed.

To add an opt-in to an authentication option, one only needs to select a guest field from the drop down section within said authentication option. For example, when creating a self registration authentication option, click within the settings, select the option, ‘Mailing_list’.

Once the ‘Mailing_list’ option is selected a tick box will appear on the portal tied to the relevant authentication option.

To edit the text applied to an opt-in tick box, click on ‘custom label translation’ within the Login Page Content tab and find ‘Mailing_list’. Simply type the text you wish to display.

Extracting valid email addresses

It is possible to create a report containing all email addresses of users that have opted in to a venues marketing campaigns. To create this report, head to the reports tab within the Airangel platform:

View of the optimal settings to achieve a monthly report of users that have opted in to your marketing campaigns.
  • Click Add report
  • Give your report a name
  • Select ‘GUEST DATA’
  • Select how often you’d like it to reoccur
  • Select how you’d like to receive your report
  • Add the email addresses you wish to receive the report
  • Search Parameter = On Creation Date
  • Where = Guest Data
  • Guest Data = Mailing_list
  • Like = 1
  • Within returning data tick Mail and Mailing list