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The platform includes a robust marketing engine that can be used in conjunction with data collected from the portal page to send out targeted messages to guests and visitors. Marketing options that are available include:

An example of a Post-Authentication page displaying a Welcome Back message to a user.

Post Authentication Pages (Welcome Back)

After a guest has authenticated onto a network a messages can be displayed. This message is completely customisation and can contain images. They are a great way to get information across to your guests. These pages can also be used as a way to welcome back your guests. If a portal has 'Re-auth' turned on and a guest has left their name, they can be welcomed back with a personal message every subsequent time they authenticate.

Triggered Email & SMS Messages

Emails and SMS messages can be triggered when criteria defined in the system is met by the user. For example, if a guest has authenticated using a certain package, an email can be sent out to them (if their email address is listed in the guest profile.) Targeted emails are used in Email Verification and SMS Verification.

Additional Content (Advert)

The portal page can also be used for your venue marketing. The portal page is an ideal location to display advertisements and offers to your customers. The additional content box in the portal editor is a great way to quickly and easily add and change additional content. You can add images and edit the HTML and CSS to futher define your content. The Portal Templates also allow you to make adjustments to your additional content.

An example of a survey appended to a portal page.

Quick Questions

Guest Quick Questions appended to the portal page and will appear once a guest has authenticated. These Questions can be tailored to your needs and are completely customisation. Open and closed questions can be asked and all data gathered can be stored in the user profile, so long as they've accepted the Terms & Conditions. Quick Questions can be used as an incentive to your users. Once completed, a guest can be moved onto a different service package with a higher bandwidth or a longer time allowance.