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The welcome dashboard is built up using the data that has been collected and is also available in the reporting modules. Using the dropdown at the top right you can select a single property, or in this example, we have access to a group of properties. The data is aggregated fo all properties if you leave the selection blank.

Dashboard home screen displaying some commonly used reports.

Here are a couple of examples of the type of data:

  1. The map widget displays the location of all selected properties, you can zoom in and out to identify individual properties.
  2. Service Levels shows how many devices have connected to each tier of service. This can also represent QoS queues.
  3. Users connected by day
  4. ​Bandwidth Cap - Red is shown when available bandwidth threshold is reached. Available bandwidth is set in Settings > Site Settings

The layout can be tailored by each user by using the cog wheel on the right-hand side of the screen, you can move the widget and toggle them on and off. ​