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The domain manager is reachable here: and can be used to add domains / login to existing domains and in the future for metrics of the overall system.

Admins with appropriate permissions can add a domain on the domain manager.

Domain Structure

The following domains can be created via the domain manager, you need to select a template (Genisys / Captivnet / oem) and a region where this needs to be created, currently we support 2 regions.

EU (Amazon AWS Germany - Frankfurt)

UK (Amazon AWS UK - London)

  • Genisyswifi (EU / UK)
  • Captivnet (EU / UK)
  • Legacy Structure
    • In the past actual domains were created for each customer
    • This structure is still available in the EU region to support the clients already on there but is not going to be used moving forward.

Credentials for the domain manager

If you don't have access details for the domain manager yet, please ask you manager to send you an invitation. You will get an email after that allowing you to create your own password and you can login.


After login, go to the domain section (left menu) > if you have the authority to add domains you will see an add domain button when you log-in above the list of domains. This opens the basic wizard, in this wizard enter the customer's name. Some guidelines on the name to enter:

  • If the site is part of the group, enter the group name
  • if it is just a standalone site, enter the site name
  • if it's a demo domain for a partner enter the partner's name

In the template drop down, select the right option for the region and theme (e.g. EU region - Captivnet).

If the domain is for a partner, you can select the partner from the drop-down as well (or create a new partner group on the fly) so the domain is immediately added to the partner's domains when they use the domain manager.

The system will come back with proposed settings, convert the name in an appropriate format.

If you don't agree or need to modify the advanced settings press edit, if not save.

Now the domain is being created and an entry is available in the domain manager for the domain you just created.


The domain manager will automatically create a new license for the domain created. The license created will have a default limit of 30 days so is suited for trials.


To access the domain you just created, click on the entry in the list and press login.

When you log-in immediately a​fter creating the new domain you may temporarily get an initialisation warning, which will go away after a few minutes: