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The Connected Now function of the platform allows the user to see all currently connected devices on the network. The dashboard shows all device data available to the system and gives the user the ability to add devices (Smart Phones, Laptops, Wireless Printer ect) to the blocklist and whitelist, as well as the ability to immediately logout accounts. If accounts are pending, users can also grant temporary access to different service tiers.

Connected Now Dashboard

Fig 1. Connected Now Dashboard – showing data available to the platform

The initial Connected Now Dashboard allows the user to view the following guest and device related data:

  • MAC Address
  • IP Address
  • Username
  • Guest Data (First name, Last name, Email Address, ect.)
  • Download Speed
  • Upload Speed
  • Uptime
  • Idle Time
  • Status (Active/Pending)
  • Network
  • Label (Message appended to a particular device)
  • Port

Device Information

Fig 2. Device Information Modal

The user can click a device within the table to open up Device Information Modal. From here, a user may logout a device and add the device to the blacklist/whitelist. A description or label can be appended to a device from here as well as specifying a device as browser-less (useful for printers, games consoles or music systems…).
Shortcuts to the Registered Guest tab and Device info tab are also featured in this modal. (See Account Info/See Device Info).


What is a Blocklist?

The Blocklist (or Blacklist) is a list of devices that are permanently restricted from accessing the wireless network.

What is the Whitelist

The Whitelist is a list of devices that are permanently exempt from requiring to authenticate via the portal page. These devices may be automatically connected upon entering the venue, they may even have their own service tier.

How do i add a device to the Whitelist or Blocklist

To add a device to the Whitelist or Blacklist, select the device from the initial table on the Connected Now Dashboard (fig 1). A modal will pop-up (fig 2), from here navigate to the Permanently Whitelist/Blacklist section. Simply click on the dropdown to select either Blacklist or Whitelist and add a description for transparency. Click save.

How do i logout a device from the network?

To logout a device from the wireless network select the device from the initial table on the Connected Now Dashboard (fig 1). A modal will pop-up (fig 2), from here navigate to the Device Info section at the top of the modal. On the right-hand side there is a red Logout button. Click to logout the device.

Why make a device browser-less?

Some wireless devices do not have web browser capability, or they require an app from another device to authenticate. By marking a device as browser-less within the platform (fig 2.) it will bypass usual authentication methods (Radius) and be connected to the WiFi (Directly on the Mikrotik). Some common devices that do not have Captive Portal capability include: Wireless Printers, certain Game Consoles, IoT Smart Sticks, Wireless Fridges and Wireless Sound Systems.

Why can i not see pending devices?

Pending devices are only seen when a supported gateway is configured to push clients to the system

How do i find a device?

If you are looking for a device in the system, you can use the search function at the top of the table on the initial Connected Now dashboard (Fig 1.) You can search by any information that has been captured by the system (MAC address, Guest Data, Label ect…)