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Asset monitoring, or The Network Monitoring System (NMS), is a way to keep track of the health and stability of your network.

You can 'Opt-in' to any device connected to the network, allowing you to receive email updates on the status of your device.


This assumes the NMS service has first been configured in the Connector plugin

Navigate to the Assets tab on the left-hand side of the page. You will be brought to the assets table. From here you can view all connected devices and 'opt-in' to email alerts by clicking on a device in the table and selecting opt-in.

Device Details.png

To add more devices to a network, simply click Add Asset or, if you have a .CSV with multiple assets, Import Assets. There is a .CSV template available to download in order for you to see the correct format in which it needs to be uploaded.

Device types which are allowed include Switch, Router, Wireless Controller, AP and Firewall. Allowed SNMP version values: v1, v3 and Disabled (or just leave empty).