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Best Practice

Starting a new page

You can create a new page by one of two ways.

Searching for a page that doesn't exist will bring up the searched term, coloured in red. By clicking on this link you will be taken to a blank page which can be edited.

The second way is to edit a previously created page and create a link by closing the page name with square brackets. For example, i want to create a page called 'Portals' so within the page editor i will type out '[[ ]]'. (For the purpose of this example i've had to leave the word out.)

Keeping it tidy

In order to keep the wiki tidy and easy to use there are some basic rules regarding formatting found here: [Formatting]

One of the most important things to consider when creating content is to break it up using heading tags [Formatting]. The heading tags are what allow us to search for content throughout the Wiki and, when there are more than 3/4 on a page, generate a contents table at the top for easy viewing.

For more information regarding best practice, please contact the marketing team.