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Overview of Roles & Permissions

The access control module is the place to manage your users and and their permissions. It presents a list of system users for the current domain, and also shows users that have accessed this domain through the domain manager (identified by the partner flag).

Image of permissions given with the default Local IT role
Image of permissions given with the default hotel staff role
Image of permissions given with the default training role

Inviting a new user

To create a new user, click 'ADD USER' and follow the on screen prompts to complete the form and assign a ROLE. After completing this form the system will send an email invitation to the user email address.

The access control module manages users for a single domain only, for partners managing multiple domains, USERS should be created in Domain Manager rather than create users in each individual domain.

Managing Roles

Users can be assigned different levels of access (roles) that have permissions to edit or read certain parts of the system. Each user account will be assigned a role when their account is created. Only those with the Role Administrator permission are able to create and edit roles. The four default roles in the system are:

  • Full Access
  • Local IT
  • Hotel Staff
  • Training

Full Access

Full access is the role that will be assigned to the lead administrators account. The full access account will have permissions to edit roles and create new ones, as well as assigning people to those roles. Full access will, as it suggests with the name, have full access to aspects of the system. Ideal for: System Administrators

Local IT

The Local IT role is designed with members of a site’s local IT group in mind. They can view device and guest information, see how the network is performing and create WLANs as well as view the support portal to check on system performance. Ideal for: Local IT team members who are supporting users

Hotel Staff

The hotel staff role is designed for hotel staff/front desk staff to assist guests in logging on, viewing network performance to identify any issues, and issue voucher codes if your network setup requires.


The training role is designed with people new to the system in mind. It allows for viewing of system without the ability to edit anything. Perfect for people who want to get a hang of the platform without being able to break it!

Modules and Features

Module Local IT Hotel Staff
Connected Now View/Edit View
Network View N/A
WLANs View/Edit View
Tags View N/A
Access Control View/Edit View/Edit
Plugins View N/A
PRTG View View
Portals View N/A
Marketing View/Edit N/A
Guest Data View/Edit View
Domain Settings View N/A
Site Settings View N/A
Service Tiers View N/A
Guests View/Edit View
Billing View/Edit N/A
Logging View/Edit N/A
Reports View/Edit View/Edit
Events View/Edit View/Edit
Account Printers View/Edit N/A
Reports (settings menu) View/Edit View
Notifications View N/A
Portal Templates View N/A
Terms of Use View/Edit N/A
Media Browser View N/A
Support Portal View View
Enable/Disable AAA Button View View
Enable/Disable AAA across Domain View View
Role Administrator View/Edit N/A
User Administrator View View/Edit