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Voucher code management is conducted on the ‘Vouchers’ page. The Vouchers page can be found under ‘Guests’ on the left hand side of the dashboard.

Creating a Batch of Voucher Codes

To create a batch of one-time use voucher codes, simply click the ‘Generate’ button above the voucher table.

Here, you can choose the amount that is generated, define the format of the code (numeric/alphabetic/alphanumeric) and append it to the 24 hour access service tier.

Once you click 'Generate', a CSV can be downloaded that will include a unique ‘Username’ and ‘Password’ for each voucher code. Only the Username is needed for the resident to authenticate. The ‘Username’ is the code you want the resident to enter.

Creating a Single Voucher Code

To add a single voucher code to the system, click the ‘Add’ button above the voucher table. A modal will pop up which will you to enter the ‘Username’ (The Code you want Residents to enter) and append it to the voucher access service tier. Hit save and your voucher will be created.

Uploading a Batch of Voucher Codes

It is possible to import an externally created .CSV file of voucher codes. Create a CSV file with your chosen Voucher Code names in a single column. This can be as long as you like.

To upload a .CSV, click the ‘Import’ button above the voucher table. Select the Voucher Service Tier and ensure that CSV Column 1 is ‘Username’ and column 2 is ‘Password’*.

*You don’t need a second column on your spreadsheet, you just need column 2 selected for upload.