Service Tiers

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List of options available for service tiers.

This is where we define the type of experience a user of the will receive. These services tiers control the speed, timeouts, Quality of service. Some of the features are limited to specific vendors which support the attributes. We have a table which list these in the help system

  • Session Timeout
  • Idle Timeout
  • Expire after first login
  • Expire after creation
  • Start date
  • End date
  • Expire on departure
  • Volume up - Cellular style data volume caps – download 1GB of data then have to buy more
  • Volume down - Cellular style data volume caps – download 1GB of data then have to buy more
  • Bandwidth up
  • Bandwidth down
  • Simultaneous use
  • Device limit
  • Accounting Interim
  • VLAN – Allocate users to specified vlan to help manage traffic and QoS
  • Redirect URL
  • Sales Outlet
  • Recurrence – A free package could be created that lasts for 1 hour and is available only once per 24 hours per device. After they have used the free hour they have to select a different available service tier.
  • Personal Area Network – This provides an additional option for visitors, the ability to create their own private SSID that’s WPA2 encrypted. Populate 2 additional boxes with SSID name and password and the network will be created at the users location.
  • 802.1x Hotspot 2.0 – A user can be taken through and authentication routine and is then asked to install a security certificate on their device. The device is then disconnected from the public SSID and automatically connects to a 802.1x secure SSID.
  • Price
  • Currency

Service tiers must be applied to each login method which is added to a portal. ​