Mikrotik Managed Mode

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Captivnet is not a gateway on its own, it is wifi management platform for guest onboarding. It works with a wide range of vendors (wireless / gateway).

In order to have a consistent feature set, or to support incompatible networks we recommend using a Mikrotik.

The managed mikrotik mode was designed to make the highly flexible but complex gateway accessible to all. The M3 takes care off:

  • Network configuration
  • Security (firewall)
  • Automatic walled garden
    • Social (facebook/Twitter/…)
    • Billing (paypal, …)
  • Traffic Queues ((QoS)
  • Hotspot configuration


Diagram of the Mikrotik Managed Mode flow.

The M3 (Mikrotik Managed Mode) uses a poll update scheme. It’s Mikrotik that will contact Captivnet on a regular interval to update it’s configuration.


  • No public IP requirement
  • No complex VPN requirement
  • Auto healing
    • When Captivnet is not reachable the gateway will fall back to no authentication

Support Modes

Diagram of a Microtik Multi Node Cluster.
  • Standalone
  • Active/passive
  • Active/Active (using 2 LAN networks)
  • N- node active/active